Day of Defenders of the Native land (January 14th)

This holiday is celebrated in honor of creation of Uzbekistan’s own Armed forces. The Parliament of the country on 14th January, 1992 has made a decision on transition of all parts and connections, military educational institutions and other military formations deployed in territory of the country, under jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Women’s Day (March 8th)

In Uzbekistan this holiday is celebrated as a holiday of love, kindness and beauty, as well as is known as “Mothers’ day”.

Navruz (March 21st)

The most ancient national holiday Navruz (in translation from Persian Navruz means “new day”) which is celebrated on March 21st, is considered the beginning of new year. As it is known, March 21st is a day a spring equinox. The lengths of day and night are identical – 12 hours. In the beginning of this holiday many Uzbek families cook national dishes such as Sumalak, Halim, Somsa from plant, Plov and others. These Uzbek dishes contain many vitamin substances which are useful to a human body.

Day of Memory and Honour (May, 9th)

In 1999 majestic Square of Memory has been opened in capital of Uzbekistan on 9th May and since then Day of memory and honor on May, 9th is celebrated. This holiday in independent Uzbekistan is celebrated in honor of memory of our compatriots which during centuries heroically, self-denyingly protected our native territory, its freedom and independence, a peace life of our people. Also this holiday is considered as a day of honoring human being, in this day people check up on their relatives and friends, particularly the elderly are honored and visited.

Independence Day (September 1st)

The main national holiday of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the Independence Day. This holiday is celebrated annually on the 1st September, is ceremonial and colorful. This national holiday personifies all dreams and expectations of all Uzbek people which lean on main principles – friendship, solidarity, charity, mutual respect.

Representatives of the various nations living in Uzbekistan, regardless of their nationality, religion, the social status all actively celebrate a holiday in each street, the area and the people living in mahallas and in regions.

Day of Teachers and Educators (October, 1st)

Annually the Day of Teachers and Educators is solemnly celebrated in Uzbekistan. The deep respect for the teacher has taken roots in our territory during old times. “Domlo”, “Muallim”, “Ustoz” – these words during many centuries with gratitude and respect were referred to the teachers.

Students of schools and educational institutions deeply esteem all those who have given them the first vital knowledge.

The Constitution Day (December 8th)

The constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was adopted by the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) on 8th December, 1992. This holiday is celebrated across Uzbekistan.

Ramadan Hayit

This holiday is known as Ruza Hayit (Iyd), it coincides with 9-th month (Hidjriy) on a Muslim calendar.

Qurbon Hayit

Religious holiday Qurbon Hayit this is the one of the greatest holidays in the World which is celebrated by Muslims. Sources of this holiday are ancient histories which are connected with prophet Ibrohim who in honor of the belief wished to sacrifice to “Allah” of his own son, but kind spirits have stopped his actions and instead of this have told to him to sacrifice animals such as sheep, camels, etc.