03 Mar 2019

Preservation of the manuscripts collection of the Al-Beruni Institute of Oriental Studies, Academy of Sciences, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The Al-Biruni Institute of Oriental Studies holds a collection of manuscripts, which can well match with any treasury of its kind in the world, both in its scientific value and wealth. At present, the depository contains over 26,000 volumes of manuscripts. These works were written in Turkic, Arabic, Persian, and other languages. They cover a wide range of subjects from virtually all fields of science. UNESCO helped to build capacity and facilities on conservation, restoration, care and handling of the unique documentary collection, which was inscribed in the UNESCO “Memory of the World” registry and raise awareness about its unique and universal value.

Promoting democracy and dialogue through the media

UNESCO contributes to promoting freedom of expression, including media freedom, safety of journalists and access to information, and quality non-discriminatory reporting and, through this, the strengthening of democracy and dialogue in Uzbekistan.  Given the role of the media in providing information, promoting public debate and shaping public opinion, UNESCO has recently trained 700 journalists on public awareness, knowledge and attitudes about equality, non-discrimination and tolerance; encourages the youth to use the social media to counter the messages of extremism and radicalization.

Ensuring universal access to the information and documentary heritage in Uzbekistan

For preservation of the documentary heritage across the country and to improve public access to these first photographic images of Uzbekistan, UNESCO supported the digitization and the development of a catalogue of more than 40 000 old scientific/cultural/educational informational glass negatives of museums in Tashkent, Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara and Fergana. UNESCO will also provide assistance to the Member State to strengthen implementation of the law on principles of and guarantees for freedom of information.